The journey of creating a family through egg donation and surrogacy is a beautiful and life-changing one. While it’s filled with the hope and joy of becoming a parent, it is not without its fair share of challenges. At Family Creations, we understand that some of the challenges facing LGBT individuals and same-sex couples are completely unique and require some careful and knowledgeable guidance as you navigate your way through the exciting road ahead. Family Creations is proud and honored to have been able to be that guiding hand for countless members of this community. From the first member of our team that you meet—helping you find the perfect donor or surrogate—to  the coordinators who will see you through to the end of your journey, you will be in the hands of caring and experienced staff with an extensive history of helping LGBT parents create the families they’ve always dreamed of.

Not only is the Family Creations staff incredibly versed in the LGBT parenting journey, but we also work with some of the most respected clinics and attorneys in the nation. These colleagues have extensive experience in the field and share our passion for equality and our love for helping anybody who wishes to become a parent achieve that goal. If needed, we will gladly refer you to doctors in your area who have proven to be exceptional resources for prospective LGBT parents. Furthermore, we work with the most knowledgeable attorneys in the field, and we can help ensure that you are represented by somebody who understands the intricate laws surrounding egg donation and surrogacy—particularly as they apply to LGBT parents.

Lastly, we will be sure to find a surrogate and/ or egg donor for you who is happy to share their immeasurable gift with your family exactly as you are. They will be somebody who shares Family Creations’ judgment-free desire to help create the beautiful miracle of a family. And, if you so desire, we can help you find somebody who is also willing to talk with you, meet with you, and even remain in touch with you as somebody who helped make your dream a reality.

Visit for more information on starting your family and to register for free and view our donors and surrogates. Family Creations wishes you and your family the happiest and brightest of futures, and we hope that you will allow us the honor of guiding you along the road ahead.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 26, 2023