Our very own case manger has started medication for her current egg donation cycle!  Follow here entire donation experience here.

Like Riding a Bike!

Saturday I started my injections and all went well!  I had very clear written instructions to follow step-by-step – it was a piece of cake!  I did the injections again last night and it was even easier – like riding a bike.  While I was preparing myself for the injections on Saturday, I kept thinking about how real this situation is; that I’m starting hormone injections and in about two weeks, I’ll be going in for retrieval.  There’s no turning back now.  With the weeks and months of waiting, it all seems so easy but everything picks up in speed the last few weeks.  I’m absolutely ready for what’s to come and while I don’t have any control over how my body reacts to the medications, I will certainly do all that I can to ensure the best cycle possible.

I had another appointment this morning and had just one vial of blood drawn and had a vaginal ultrasound.  When the doctor did the ultrasound, he said that the follicles were still resting and the medication that I’m taking, the stimulation medication, is supposed to help the follicles grow.  I scheduled my next appointment for Thursday.  The nurse let me know that the most important thing is that my estrogen levels are increasing and depending on the blood results from today, she may change my medication dosage. I’ll receive a phone call later today with my instructions for tonight with my instructions for tonight’s medication dosage.

During this process, communication is crucial.  I will receive the phone call after about 4pm and I take my medication at about 6pm.  It’s so important that I answer my phone or listen to the message immediately so that I can ensure that I’m taking the correct dosage tonight.  At this stage in the process, I need to answer or return calls immediately so that I can get the information that I need regarding the medication.  It’s really important to return calls and emails so prompt, even from the day that a donor is matched with a recipient because, as you can see, this process is quite lengthy and any delay in getting testing done or even returning calls can delay the process.  For example, if a donor were to miss testing on the third day of her next period, the cycle would be delayed one whole month.

Awaiting further instruction…

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 26, 2023