Our very own case manager is getting closer and closer to her egg retrieval!   She starts her injections for the cycle this weekend  and shares her latest egg donation update!

Getting Close!

Monday morning I went in for my appointment and all went well!  I had a vaginal ultrasound, blood drawn and urinated in a cup.  The blood tests were to check my hormone levels, just to be sure that I’m ready to get started on the medications.  I had to urinate in a cup again because the FDA testing that is completed during the cycle must take place within 30 days of retrieval.

After I was done with everything, the nurse brought me in her office and went over the medications with me.  She gave me my medication and the medication protocol.  She also had a box of syringes, vials, etc. to use to refresh my memory on how to administer the medication.  Seems like a piece of cake!  After my refresher with the nurse, I remember all of the medication details from my previous cycle and I’m not so nervous about taking the injections.  It’s like riding a bike!  I was also given strict instructions to refrigerate one of the medications.  The nurse told me that I should bring this medication to room temperature before injecting it into me because then it wouldn’t sting so much.  I definitely appreciate her advice!

Monday afternoon, the nurse called me to let me know that my blood results came back and look good so I am cleared to start the medication on Saturday!

I was also given strict instruction not to have intercourse while I’m on the medications and that I could resume sexual activity after I receive my next period.  My next period should start about 10-14 days after retrieval.  It’s important not to have intercourse even after retrieval because it’s possible that the doctor may not remove 100% of the follicles (eggs) during the retrieval and I could still get pregnant.  Not to mention the risk of infection, etc.

I was also told not to exercise excessively while I’m on the medications.  My family is planning a snowboarding trip the weekend after my retrieval and I was told that I can resume vigorous activity when I start feeling better after the retrieval.  However, I will likely be bloated and not feel up to snowboarding until after my next period 10-14 days later.  It will still be a fun weekend with my family, even if I can’t enjoy the snow on the slopes (I’ll just have to go shopping with my mom in town J ).

My next appointment is scheduled for Monday morning so the doctor can check my progress on the medications.  After Monday’s appointment, they’ll let me know when they want to see me back in the office.  The anticipated dates of appointments next week are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but this could change, depending on how my body reacts to the medication.

As I mentioned in my previous entries, I have let my family and boyfriend’s family know when my anticipated retrieval date will be to ensure that someone will be available to take me to my retrieval.  As fate would have it, my grandmother is scheduled for knee surgery on February 8th and my mom will need to be with her that day.  So, if my retrieval falls on the 8th, she won’t be able to accompany me.  My dad is leaving town on the 9th so he may not be available to take me either.  I’m so glad that I have a large support system because I still have a few other people who will likely be available to accompany me the day of retrieval.

I’ll have more updates next week!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 26, 2023