Family Creations case manager shares another update on her cycle…

We have legal clearance!

Just before the holidays, I had a chance to review the contract that I received and speak with my attorney about each section in the contract.  A few changes needed to be made but they were simple changes that made the language more clear.  Once I received the revised copy of the contract, I faxed a copy of my signature pages over to my attorney the same day and mailed the originals the following day.  My attorney was then able to issue legal clearance.

Now that I am “legally cleared” I am fully protected and can start the medications upon the doctor’s request.  When the nurse returned to work after the holidays, I received my cycle calendar.  The dates are put together based upon the recipients and my menstrual cycle so I’m glad that we are able to get started quickly.  The nurse told me that the day that I called to check on the status of the calendar, my recipients called the same morning about the same thing.  They are just as anxious as I am.

Monday is my next appointment where I’ll have bloodwork and an ultrasound done.  With this, the doctor will be able to determine if my body is ready to start the medications.  If everything looks good then they will give me the medications at the clinic to bring home. (My last cycle, they shipped them directly to my house so it just depends on the clinic you work with.) I’ll also get a refresher on how to mix and administer the medications and review my protocol, dosage, etc.  I’m due to start the injectable medications on Saturday the 29th and I’m really nervous.  The first injections is the biggest hurdle for me – I always hold my breath and count to three, breath again… wait… and count to three again before finally pricking myself for the first time.  As soon as the first prick is done I always tell myself “Wow, that wasn’t so hard!”

On my cycle calendar are also the dates that I’ll need to go to monitoring appointments while I’m on the medications.  I’ll go to 4 or 5 appointments over the (approximately) 10 day medication cycle, about ever other day.  I’m really fortunate to work for such a great company that they are flexible with me taking some time off of work to attend these appointments.  Working in field, they certainly have an understanding and appreciation for the process! 🙂 The clinic is extremely flexible as well and has been able to schedule my appointments during my lunch breaks (so far) so I haven’t missed much work.  During the cycle I may have to come in FIRST thing in the morning but I’ve already made arrangements at work and they’ll be able to accommodate my schedule during the cycle.  It’s really important that I have that flexibility because the appointment dates aren’t flexible, due to the medication protocol.  The clinic will be monitoring me closely to make sure that everything is going as planned and with careful monitoring, they are able to change my medication protocol as needed.

The BIG day is either February 8th or 9th.  I’ve already told my parents, brother and boyfriend about the date so they can start making arrangements and I’ll have someone available to take me to the retrieval and drive me home.  I keep stressing to them that while the tentative time window for the retrieval is the 8th or 9th, it could be earlier or later, depending on how my body reacts to the medications.  With everyone supporting me, I know that someone will be able to be my taxi driver that day.  I won’t be able to tell them the scheduled day of retrieval until two days prior to the retrieval but they understand.

I’ll send a new update soon!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 26, 2023