Kara from Colorado is a surrogate with Family Creations’s program and she was recently matched with a lovely couple in Northern California. Kara will be blogging about her progress as a surrogate from beginning to end in real-time. The following is Kara’s story about why she wanted to become a surrogate in the first place and choosing Family Creations as her agency to hold her hand through her journey.

I am a mother. I was a mother long before actually birthing my children. Mothering friends, family, strangers. It’s my thing. I was the girl who chose to sit at the kid table long after graduating to adult table status because, let’s face it, sometimes a conversation with a child is far more entertaining than grown up discussions can be. I had first learned of surrogacy while taking a Child Development class in high school. It struck me and has been on my mind ever since. After being blessed beyond belief with two beautiful little boys, both with pregnancies and labors that required little effort in comparison to so many, surrogacy returned to the forefront. I talked about it a lot, with anyone who would listen and I was overwhelmed by how supportive others were. You never know how someone might react to a topic like surrogacy and the outpouring of positivity just futher solidified what I already knew. I was going to carry a baby for another person and it was never a matter of if, but when.

I’d come across an infertility blog online and I’d bawl. See a story about it on TV and break down. I felt selfish for having children and having them so easily. I cannot fathom the idea of having that taken from me and it shakes me to my very core. I am also notorious for being a horrible decision maker. I research, over analyze, and second guess myself. I did not, however, research surrogacy agencies the slightest bit. I had decided I had no reason to wait any longer, grabbed my laptop, searched surrogacy and Family Creations was the first website that I stumbled upon. I fell in love and applied. Just like that. It literally fell right into my lap and I could not be happier about that fate. Like most things these days, I assumed the process would be corporate and impersonal. An assembly line of people waiting to pass me on to the next person for the next step. I have never been so wrong about an assumption. I am important to them. Not a number, but a person. They are the link between surrogates and hopeful parents and they made sure they got to know me on every level. Like I mentioned before, I’m an over thinker and I threw every question imaginable. Each one answered quickly and thoroughly. They exude passion and I can tell that creating families is not their job, but rather a calling.

The process is broken down step by step. I knew exactly where I stood and what to expect. Marla has been my personal surrogacy coordinator and let me tell you what an angel she is. She makes sure to check in, always knows where my head is at, and offers the most personal support. Whether she’s on or off the clock, business or personal phone. She’s there. Family Creations has introduced my husband and I to a wonderful couple, our intended parents and that relationship is so carefully put together and becomes so special. Our story is still unfolding and I’m thrilled for what’s to come.

Denver, CO

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : December 21, 2023