A man and a pregnant woman walking on the beach holding hands.

Surrogacy is an incredible journey that transforms two families — your own family and the family of the intended parents. As the partner of a surrogate, your support shows your partner that you are 100% committed to helping her achieve her dream. Supporting your partner begins before she decides to register for surrogacy and extends beyond the birth of the child. Learn some of the most important ways you can support your partner to help her thrive during surrogacy.

Supporting Your Partner in the Decision to Become a Surrogate

The decision to register to become a surrogate needs to be taken together, as it will transform both your lives. If your partner is considering surrogacy, show your support by researching the topic, talking with others who have completed the process, and attending pre-surrogacy counseling together. 

Depending on the preferences of all parties, surrogates may want to meet intended parents with their partners to make a connection and offer mutual support. Establishing a strong relationship at the start can help to make the process even more rewarding for you and your partner.

Supporting Your Partner During the Pregnancy

A surrogate pregnancy is similar to any other — with the same glow, cravings, and medical appointments. Since all of our surrogates have had at least one child in the past, your partner will be familiar with the process of pregnancy.

As your partner progresses through each week and trimester of the pregnancy, show your support for the surrogate process by picking up extra housework, minding the kids, encouraging her to rest when she needs to, and being ready with a listening ear whenever she needs to talk. It’s important to have date nights with just the two of you to talk about topics other than pregnancy. As you support your surrogate partner, be assured that you’re not alone — there are many excellent surrogacy support groups out there, and you can count on our team to be there for you as well.

Supporting Your Partner After the Birth

Giving birth is a mountain-peak experience in a woman’s life. After giving the child to its intended parents, your partner is likely to feel a massive sense of achievement and excitement for the new family, along with a need for care and understanding. 

During the weeks and months that follow the birth, your partner will experience several emotional and physical changes as your lives gradually return to normal. Supporting your partner during this time could include assisting with milk expression or suppression, nourishing your partner with hearty soups and broths, and encouraging her to rest and recover. It could also mean staying in touch with the intended parents if they and your partner have decided to maintain a relationship after the birth.

Family Creations is Here for You

When supporting your partner through the process of surrogacy, remember that Family Creations is here to help you through the journey. Your partner will also be personally looked after by her dedicated case manager. We can provide comprehensive information, understanding, and contact information for surrogacy support groups to make your experience as meaningful as possible. Get in touch with our compassionate team for a positive, rewarding surrogate experience!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 3, 2023