Everyday, there are many couples all over the world who are struggling to create their family. Infertility, unfortunately, affects 1 in 8 couples, and can have them feeling helpless. Family Creations, an egg donation and surrogacy agency helps clients all over the world achieve their goal at having their own family.

How You Can Connect With Family Creations

If you are not located in the United States of America, you can still access our resources from where you are! We provide our services to clients from Africa, Russia, Middle East, Mexico, Europe, and much more! Not many agencies have such a wide geographical client database, and our team of professionals are very happy to assist parents in these regions. Our goal is to prove that there is hope for everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

How We Work With You Across The Globe

Since we have many clients from different parts of the world, we have the skills and knowledge on how to communicate with one another and make the process easy and stress-free. We will make sure that you will feel as if you are right here with us, in our office in Los Angeles. Because we are always up-to-date with technology, we will communicate via telephone calls, video calls, and more. This will have us all talking face-to-face so we can physically understand and get a feel for what you are looking for from our agency.

The great thing that Family Creations does for international clients is set them up with their own personal case manager, who is extremely professional and reliable.  He or she will work as your coordinator and will guide you through every step of the process. You might feel as if you are very distant from the program because you are not physically with us attaining to follow up appointments. This is a normal feeling that our international clients get at first, but once your personal case manager steps in, you will feel as if you are right in our offices. They are here to guide you, be your support system, and make sure all your needs are met during the process.

Do International Clients Need To Meet You In Person?

Depending on your situation, every client varies. For an embryo transfer, you should give yourself a one to two week open window to travel to the United States for appointments. We will guide you step by step while you are here with us on what to do and give you a complete schedule.

If you live internationally within the regions that we service and are interested in our services, give our agency a call today. We are dedicated to giving our clients hope, faith, and a chance at a beautiful family! You can check out our egg donation and surrogacy programs on our website.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023