The very first time daddy will lay his eyes on her tiny newborn face and hold her little body, he will fall in love. There is something to be said about that special bond between daddies and their daughters. He will fix her boo-boos, teach her how to ride a bike and teach her how to drive. Well, that’s what we see in the movies. In reality, daddy might not know what to expect with a newborn girl, or boy for that matter. We have some advice for dads-to-be to be the best and loving dad a little girl…or boy…could ever ask for.

First, don’t be afraid to show your sensitive side. From day one, sing to her, read to her and tell her stories. You shouldn’t feel silly singing nursery rhymes or read to her in different voices. Your daughter will look at you with her big eyes and adore you. This is the start of bonding with your baby girl and you will not regret it for one minute.

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Second, it’s not all pink glitter and sparkles. It doesn’t always have to be girly or involve dolls and pigtails. Those are all stereotypes. Little girls also love sports, cars, camping, pirates, and dinosaurs. It changes daily. So don’t think you can’t have just as much fun with your daughter as you would with a son. Teaching girls that they don’t have to stick to norms empower them at an early age.

Third, they learn everything about boys from you. You set the stage for what is to come about the way you treat women and how you talk about their bodies, weight, dating, etc. So be careful what you say around them because kids are like little sponges. They understand everything. This will help them to create loving and caring relationships with a male.

The daddy and daughter relationship is a very special dynamic that you are about to experience. For the rest of your life, your little girl will look up to you and measure any man up to you. So here is your chance to make a mark in her life.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023