Happy woman

Our egg donor, (we’ll call her “L”) just completed her very first donation cycle.  She had an excellent experience and was so thoughtful to provide us with a testimonial to share with everyone.


“My experience with egg donation couldn’t have been better.  If anything the process seemed too easy!  Family Creations and their extremely competent staff seamlessly took care of all my travel needs and expenses, answered my 101 questions, and were readily available whenever I needed ANYTHING.  I’ve learned not only about how my body works but also of the results of my genetic tests, which I can keep in mind later on when I want to have a family of my own.  Retrieval was lightning fast and the week leading up to it was essentially a free vacation for my boyfriend and I in a new city!  Best of all, this all went to helping a someone make their dream of parenthood come true.  I had such a wonderful experience that I even suggested it to all my other college friends and will definitely be back for another cycle!
-Donor “L”

“L”, thank YOU for being such a pleasure to work with.  It takes a truly special young woman to be an egg donor and your recipients are forever grateful for the incredible gift you have given to them.  It is an honor to have a donor like you are our program and we can’t wait to work with you again through your next donation!

by Julia McConnell on April 27, 2011