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Just like with a conventional pregnancy, there can be many pitfalls to a surrogate pregnancy. As you pass each milestone towards the birth of your baby, celebrate every element you can, to share in the joy of creating a new life. Here are some top surrogacy and pregnancy milestones you can, and should, celebrate throughout your journey.

1. Finding the Right Surrogate

At Family Creations, we have helped thousands of couples find the right surrogate for them. Finding a woman who has the same ideals as your own family and whose goals align with yours deserves celebration. Take a moment to celebrate this important milestone.

2. The Embryo Transfer

surrogate embryo transfer

While finding your surrogate can be a long process, the embryo transfer is the first major medical step you can take towards expanding your own family. This is an important surrogacy milestone that should be acknowledged and celebrated. Whether you participate in a lucky ritual or create a scrapbook with tons of photos, you’ll want to remember this moment with your family further on down the road.

3. The End of the First Trimester

The first trimester is when it is most likely a pregnancy will fail. At the end of this time period, there is a much lower chance of miscarriage and a much higher chance of success. You’ve made it to this surrogacy milestone, and it’s time to embrace the news with tons of positivity and hope for the future. If you were holding off on sharing the news with other family members, now is the time to spill and let them know of your success so far!

4. The First Ultrasound

surrogate ultrasound
Diagnosis Monitor Medical Consultation Ultrasound

As you participate in these pregnancy milestones, these are the chances you have to actually see and hear your growing baby. While some surrogates require more ultrasounds than others, every time she has one, you have the chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat, take x-ray photos, and even print out a 3D image of your future child. Most hospitals offer photos as keepsakes for your baby albums and scrapbooks, but paying for a 3D printed image can be a truly special way to bring you closer to your child.

5. Learning the Gender

As gender reveal parties are gaining popularity, more and more parents want to know the gender of their child before the birth. Whether it’s just you and the surrogate in an ultrasound room or a massive party with a colorful cake for the reveal, this is an important surrogacy milestone for you and for the surrogate. Create a memory here that can be documented in your baby book.

6. Pregnancy Growth

pregnant woman
Pregnant Pregnant Woman Mother Body Pregnancy

As your surrogate begins to show, the progress you’re making towards growing your family becomes more and more real. Take the time to recognize it and celebrate another pregnancy milestone. You can take weekly or monthly photographs to create a timelapse video, measure the belly over the course of the pregnancy, or cast the belly for a three-dimensional keepsake.

7. Birth

It’s finally here! You’ve made it to the day of birth and it’s now time to meet your new baby. Don’t be afraid to bring up the amount of participation you want to have during the birth, and your feelings about this may evolve and change throughout the course of the pregnancy. Family Creations case management team will help you and your surrogate to develop a birth plan you are both comfortable with. This is the final pregnancy and surrogacy milestone you have to celebrate before it’s time to start commemorating child development achievements.

Everyone celebrates pregnancy and childbirth differently. Forge your own path when you inquire about surrogacy and egg donation at Family Creations today.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 7, 2023