Information for Donor Egg Recipients

Family Creations Can Help You Find Egg Donors

You couldn’t be more ready to realize your dream of adding to your family. And we at Family Creations couldn’t be more ready to help with your egg donor search.

Simply put, our goal at Family Creations is to help couples and individuals find egg donors whose genetic traits and personal attributes align with your vision of family. That is our passion, and it’s the essence of what we do. We love working with donor egg recipients because, through our collaboration, we turn dreams into healthy, happy families — every day of the year.

Egg donation is a process where an individual or couple uses another woman’s donated eggs to help them become pregnant. Egg donation is a standard fertility treatment for those who cannot conceive naturally, such as male couples and single men working with a gestational surrogate and women experiencing infertility. The process of finding egg donors can be challenging. Still, with the right resources and a reputable family planning agency, it is possible to find the perfect egg donor who can help make the dreams of parenthood come true.

Our Egg Donor Selection Process

We are highly experienced in matching egg donors and donor egg recipients. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of families throughout the United States and abroad since we opened our doors 15 years ago. Here is a peek at some of the criteria we consider in our egg donor application process:

  • The donor’s health (first and foremost)
  • Education
  • Characteristics and traits related to physical appearance
  • Lifestyle
  • Ethnicity
  • Geographic location

Family Creations specializes in matching donors who meet specific criteria with recipients. Through our extensive network, we can help streamline the process of finding an egg donor that closely matches the traits and characteristics of your ideal family. Our professional staff also provides additional resources, such as connections to leading fertility clinics for donors and recipients.

Family Creations Goes the Extra Mile — Always

Egg donation is a popular fertility option for many individuals and couples who have experienced difficulty conceiving naturally. With careful consideration and access to the right resources, finding the perfect egg donor who can bring dreams of parenthood into reality is possible.

Family Creations is committed to going above and beyond to manage your egg donor search and help you find egg donors that meet your needs and expectations. That’s why we work closely with fertility clinics and doctors’ offices across the United States.

Once you select an egg donor, we manage the entire process from beginning to end and are there for you and your egg donor every step of the way, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Would you like to know more about egg donation with Family Creations? Contact us to find out more about our search process and how to become a donor egg recipient. We look forward to working with you to create the family of your dreams!