Happy 8 Year Anniversary Family Creations!

A note from our Founder and CEO: I started this journey eight years ago this January.I knew from the very beginning it would be a dedicated and at times sacrificial effort.I knew that I wanted to provide our clients, egg donors and surrogates with a service that left them feeling respected and cared for. Family… Read more »

Family Creations’ Surrogate Q&A

As many as 1 in 6 couples are faced with infertility, and studies show that at least 90 million people across the world are unable to conceive children for one reason or another. Many of these same people desire creating a family yet are faced with the daunting possibility that the road toward parenthood may… Read more »

Why I Donate

I can only imagine how it must feel to look at a donor profile and wonder about a donor’s character.  Is she genuine?  What are her motives for donating?  Is she careless?  And is she only motivated by money? Working at an egg donation agency, I sometimes hear stories from recipients about their reproductive past. … Read more »

Birth Announcement!

We’re here to tell you about probably the biggest birth announcement of the year, and it has come as a pair!  We’re proud to announce the “birth” of our two new offices: San Francisco and Texas! Texas is “due” to open in March 2012!  Being very liberal with surrogacy laws, we hope to build family… Read more »

Surrogacy in the U.S. and Around the World

Congratulations! You’ve decided on working with a surrogate, or maybe you’ve decided that you want to become a surrogate mother. Either way, the first step is to acquire knowledge of your state laws that may or may not protect you in your new endeavor. In the US, each state has individual laws and regulations regarding… Read more »

The REAL World of Egg Donation

The REAL World of Egg Donation – By Stephanie Goldman-Levich A couple of weeks ago, in a show that many would call a “guilty pleasure” a storyline about egg donation was introduced.  First, I will blame the love that I have for this show on being a child of the 80’s.  I think it would… Read more »