Overview Of The Process

Overview for Intended Parents


As the Intended Parent(s), you will first fill out a brief, free, and confidential registration form on our website. Family Creations will contact the Intended Parent(s) upon review to set up the initial consultation.

Complimentary Consultation

Family Creations will set up a phone call or a consultation in our office to review the surrogacy process. This is a complimentary consultation that will provide you with the important information you need to embark on this journey. You will receive a full overview of the process along with a cost estimate, so that you know what to expect. Family Creations will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire to help us get to you know and to help us better understand your needs.

Selecting a Surrogate/Retainer Agreement

The Intended Parent(s) will review potential Surrogate profiles, and, with Family Creation's assistance, will select a possible candidate. Upon selecting a candidate, Family Creations requires a retainer agreement and first payment.

Meeting With Surrogate

Family Creations will facilitate a meeting with the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate. This meeting is a nice opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and make sure it is the right "fit" or "match" for them. We ask that the Surrogate's significant other also attend these meetings. If both Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate are comfortable moving forward after this meeting, then it is considered a match!


Once the match is confirmed, Family Creations requires that the agency agreements be signed and the second installment of the agency fee be paid along with the client expense account deposit.

Consultation With Case Manger

Your professional case manager will contact you upon matching you with your Surrogate.

Surrogate Medical/Psychological Screening

Surrogate will schedule initial medical screening appointment(s) with physician chosen by Intended Parent(s), and a full medical evaluation will be conducted. Some physicians require that their own in-house therapists conduct the psychological evaluation on the Surrogate. If not, the case manager will refer the Surrogate to a therapist with surrogacy expertise to conduct the evaluation.

Insurance Consultation

If the selected Surrogate does not have health insurance that covers the surrogacy process, the case manager will refer Intended Parent(s) to an insurance broker with surrogacy expertise. With the help of the professional insurance broker, Intended Parent(s) will select and purchase an insurance policy to cover their Surrogate.

Legal Contract

Once the Surrogate has been medically cleared, the case manager will refer Intended Parent(s) to an attorney with expertise in third-party reproduction. Intended Parent(s) will retain selected attorney and a legal agreement between the Surrogate and Intended Parent(s) will be drafted. This legal document explains the rights and obligations of both parties.

Case Manager will refer the Surrogate to a separate attorney who will review the legal document with her. Once both parties agree to all the terms, and the legal document is signed, legal clearance letters are drafted by both attorneys. Surrogates are not permitted to start injectable medications for the cycle until legal clearance letters are received.

Depositing Funds To Escrow Account

Once the legal agreement is signed by both the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate, an escrow account must be established by the Intended Parent(s). The case manager for the Intended Parent(s) will refer them to a reputable escrow company. Examples of some of the expenses that will be funded out of that account include the remaining agency fees, the Surrogate's compensation and monthly allowance, the maternity clothing allowance, etc.

The Intended Parent(s) will be provided with a detailed breakdown explaining the fees to be deposited. The medical protocol and medications cannot be started by the Surrogate until the escrow account is fully funded.

Intended Parent(s) Consultation With Therapist

We require the Intended Parent(s) to have one consultation with a therapist who has experience in surrogacy arrangements. The purpose of this consultation is to educate the Intended Parent(s) on what to expect, emotionally and logistically, when moving forward in the process.

Medical Protocol

The physician chosen by the Intended Parent(s) will develop a protocol that will synchronize the Surrogate's cycle with the Intended Mother's or egg donor's cycle, to prepare the Surrogate's uterus for implantation. Medications are administered and the embryo transfer typically takes place about 4-8 weeks from that time. If the first embryo transfer does not produce a successful pregnancy, then the process may be repeated a second and sometimes third time.

The Pregnancy

The Surrogate will attend routine doctor's appointments throughout the course of the pregnancy, beginning with appointments with the fertility specialist. Generally after 8-10 weeks of the pregnancy, the Surrogate is released from the fertility specialist's care, and will then attend standard maternity appointments with an obstetrician.

Establishing of Parental Rights

About half way through the pregnancy, the Intended Parent(s) must request that the attorney file the necessary paperwork with the courts to establish parental rights. The legal process varies by state and county, and the attorney will be able to explain the process and procedures in full detail.


Congratulations! The day that the Intended Parent(s) and the Surrogate have been waiting for has finally come!