Fees And Costs

Below is an estimated breakdown of the fees you can expect throughout the surrogacy process.

Many programs will try to disguise the actual costs that the process entails. They are doing the Intended Parent(s) a disservice. It is important that all fees are outlined clearly, so that you, as the Intended Parent(s), know what to expect. Family Creations has worked hard to outline all anticipated fees as clearly and accurately as possible.

Payment Options Fees Services
Administration Fee $25,000 $3,000 due upon reserving Surrogate, $11,000 due within two weeks of reserving Surrogate to begin the process, $11,000 due upon surrogate's medical clearance by Intended Parents physician. 
International Client Administration Fee $30,000 For Intended Parents who reside outside of the United States. $3,000 due upon reserving Surrogate, $13,500 due within two weeks of reserving Surrogate to begin the process, $13,500 due upon execution of legal agreement between Surrogate and Intended Parent(s).
The below amounts are fees paid to the Surrogate. Some fees are incidentals, while others will be paid in every surrogacy arrangement.
Surrogate Compensation Starting at $35,000 The Surrogate will begin receiving this payment starting on the first of the month following confirmation of pregnancy (defined by fetal heartbeat).   The payment will be issued to the surrogate in 10 even installments.  After giving birth, the Surrogate will receive a lump sum of the balance.
Surrogate Twin Compensation $5,000 Surrogate receives an extra $5,000 when a twin pregnancy occurs. She receives this payment in $1,000 installments beginning on the first of the fifth month of pregnancy, and continuing for 5 months.
Monthly Allowance $3,000($200/Mo.) This is a non-accountable monthly expense reimbursement paid to the Surrogate at $200/month. This is to cover such things as postage, telephone calls, faxing, non-prescription medication, lost-wages and childcare for local appointments etc.
Maternity Clothing $800 Paid to Surrogate at 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Embryo Transfer Fee $750 Surrogate will receive $750 for each embryo transfer procedure.
Medication Start Fee $500 Paid to the Surrogate at the start of injectable medications for each cycle including mock-cycles
Estimated Lost Wages $TBD Family Creations will estimate 6 weeks of lost wages for the Surrogate and 5 days of lost wages for her husband/partner. Also, potentially paid over the course of the pregnancy are reimbursements for travel time, doctor ordered bed rest, and post-partum recovery.  *Employement and wages are subject to change at anytime throughout the surrogacy process.
Child Care $2,000 Surrogate will receive reimbursement of up to $100 per day for child care when placed on doctor-ordered bed rest or when recommended by the physician.
House Cleaning $600 Surrogate will receive reimbursement of up to $100 per week for house cleaning when placed on doctor-ordered bed rest as well as between the 36-41 week of pregnancy and two weeks post-delivery.  Surrogate's are required to provide a receipt for services.
C Section for Surrogate $2,000 Surrogate will receive an additional $2,000 if the delivery requires a C-section.
Invasive Procedure $500 Surrogate will receive $500 for each procedure such as amniocentesis (or other prenatal diagnostic testing), D&C, fetal reduction, or any procedure requiring anesthesia, etc.
Surrogate's Loss of Reproductive Capabilities $4,000 Surrogate will receive an additional payment of $4,000 should she lose her fallopian tubes or uterus, or have a complete hysterectomy as a result of the surrogacy.
Breast Milk Pumping          $TBD Surrogate may receive up to $250 a week, plus reimbursement for the cost of pump rental, supplies, and shipping. This must be mutually agreed upon.
The fees below are other expenses that Intended Parent(s) will or may incur:
Surrogate Travel Expenses $600 - $6,000 This amount covers travel for the Surrogate to all appointments related to the surrogacy. Amount can range from $600 to $6,000 depending on where the Surrogate lives in relation to the physician's office.
Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance $600 $250,000 term policy for Surrogate, and $100,000 term policy for Intended Parent(s).
Surrogate Health Insurance $5,000-$30,000 This depends on the Surrogate's existing medical coverage, if any. Family Creations will refer Intended Parent(s) to an insurance broker who will discuss the policy options available. Plans range from approximately $5,000 to $30,000
Surrogate Legal Fees $1,000 This is an estimated fee for the cost of the review of the surrogacy agreement with the Surrogate and her husband, if applicable.
Intended Parent Legal Fees $7,500 These fees are approximate and are paid directly to the attorney by the Intended Parent(s): parental rights and court pleadings $2,500 - $3,000; Surrogate pleadings $350 - $500; court filing fees $1,000 - $1,500; legal representation for Intended Parent(s) $2,000 - $2,500.
Psychological Evaluation of Surrogate $950 This covers the cost of the Surrogate's psychological evaluation with therapist.
Psychological Support for Surrogate $1,200 This fund will provide ongoing psychological support for your Surrogate throughout the pregnancy.
Psychological Counseling Session for $395 Intended Parent(s) will have one visit with a therapist to discuss the upcoming surrogacy process.
Miscellaneous Deposit for Lab Bills $5,000 This fund is for miscellaneous expenses that come up throughout the surrogacy process, including lab bills.
Escrow Account Management Fees $1,400-$1,700 This is the fee paid to the escrow company that will be managing the account of the Intended Parent(s).
Out-of-Area Medical Monitoring for Surrogate $TBD If the Surrogate is not local to the physician chosen by the Intended Parent(s), an out-of-town medical monitoring facility will be utilized. The physician chosen by the Intended Parent(s) will order any necessary testing, and the cost of these appointments are paid by the Intended Parent(s) directly to the monitoring facility.
Medical Screening and Procedures $TBD Consult with physician's office for breakdown
IVF Medication $TBD Consult with physician's office or pharmacy for breakdown