Fees And Costs


Family Creations recognizes that, as prospective parents, you've probably spent a great deal of money in trying to create your family.

And we also recognize that we are just one alternative that you've considered in making your dream come true. With that in mind, Family Creations has established our fees at the lowest possible levels, while maintaining the highest levels of professional service and care.

Many agencies collect their full fee upfront. Family Creations has divided our administration fee into three payments:


Payments Services Fees
Payment One:
Agency retainer fee and one week donor reserve $500
Payment Two:
(Match Payment)
Due within one week of reserving egg donor $3,500
Payment Three:
(Final Payment)
Due upon medical clearance of egg donor $3,500
Other Approximate Fees and Charges:
Psychological Evaluation for Egg Donor (Due at Match) $350
Genetic Consultation for Egg Donor (Due at Match) $300
Egg Donor Accident Insurance Policy (Due at Match) $398.35
Egg Donor Compensation
First time egg donors generally receive a starting compensation of $8,000.
(Due with your Final Payment)

Trust Account Management Fee
California Family Code Section 7961 requires funds be deposited in and disbursed from an attorney-client trust account or escrow account.
(excluding travel expense deposit which will be held in a Family Creations trust)
$8,000 -


Egg Donor Expenses (travel, mileage, legal fees, etc.)
The cost of egg donor expenses varies depending on the donor's location relative to the fertility center (Due at match)
$1,000 -
Select Program Agency Fees:
Family Creations has developed a special recruitment program which specifically seeks out donors with unique and desirable characteristics, such as hard to find ethnicities, physical attributes, and academic accomplishments.  Our Primary Program fee is $7,500 as noted above and below are the agency fees should you choose a donor within our Select Program.  
 Select Program Agency Fees:  
  $10,000 Agency fee for Select Program egg donors (paid in 3 installments throughout the course of the process)   

We at Family Creations want all clients to be well informed about what to expect financially before beginning the process.

Below are some additional expenses to anticipate:

Fees Paid Directly to Other Service Providers (fees are approximate):

Recipient's attorney's fees and charges: Approximately $800-$1,000

If applicable, medical monitoring for non-local donors: Cost varies

Medication for cycle: Consult with physician's office or pharmacy for breakdown

Medical screening and procedures: Consult with physician's office for breakdown


Please note that a 3% processing fee will apply for client account expenses paid by credit card. Processing fees do not apply to Family Creations administration fee.
All fees are subject to change without notice