Can Partners Share a Surrogate to Have Twins?

by Admin on May 6, 2019

surrogateThere are gay couples who are interested in having twins using surrogacy so that they can both be
genetic fathers. This is possible if each male provides sperm to fertilize the donor eggs (from the same
donor) which are transferred to the surrogate mother via IVF. The babies are genetically related through
the same egg donor, but each carry the genes from the respective father. They would be conceived at
the same time and are intended to be born at the same time.

There are some factors at play with multiples. It is best to speak to your medical team about transferring
embryos to have twins deliberately and it is important to do your research to understand the risks of a
pregnancy with multiples.

There is also an option to hire two surrogates to ensure that you have twins. In this process, there is one
egg donor and the egg donation is split in half between the two fathers (each father’s sperm would
fertilize an equal amount of donor eggs). Then two surrogates would be used to for the transfer of
embryos from each father. If the process is successful, the normal surrogacy process can continue with
both surrogates. However, this process can be costly since two surrogates need to be hired, but the risk
involved with one surrogate carrying twins is reduced.

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