Additional Services

We Provide our clients with choices to help make the
process easier


Family Creations is the first egg donation and surrogacy agency in the country to offer specialized options to fit our client's individual needs.

We recognize that a completely anonymous relationship with your egg donor is not ideal for all clients. And while we facilitate completely anonymous cycles we also offer our clients the ability to meet with their donor either in person, telephone or via video conference.

Below are some additional services Family Creations provides:


Arrangement of in person meeting with your selected egg donor (travel cost not included): $500
Telephone or Video conference with your selected egg donor: $250
Keepsake CD-Rom of your egg donors profile and photos: $150

Please note that every donor within Family Creations Program is open to donating anonymously.

Contact your representative today to find out if the donor that you are interested in is open to an in person or telephone/video meeting.