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Family Creations is a full service surrogate and egg donor program in the United States that services clients worldwide.

We work hard to locate the most qualified Surrogates, and we expertly guide them through an extensive application and interview process which includes the following:
Review of Surrogate's medical history, social/economic background, lifestyle, and character.
Detailed interview with both Surrogate and Surrogate's spouse or partner, if applicable.
Detailed background check on both Surrogate and Surrogate's spouse or partner, if applicable.
Inspection of Surrogate's living environment - Family Creations is one of the only agencies that conducts home visits as part of the Surrogate's screening process. Knowing that the Surrogate lives in a healthy and safe environment is something we feel is crucial.
Initial psychological testing of Surrogate. Family Creations is one of the only agencies that conducts this type of testing prior to a surrogate being matched.
  Review of Surrogate's existing health insurance policy.
Family Creations will provide the Surrogate and her family members with an educational overview of the surrogacy process, so they know exactly what to expect and understand what is expected of them

Once a match is made between a Surrogate and Intended Parent(s) , our role is to ensure that every detail of a surrogacy match receives expert attention.

We will facilitate the Surrogate's:
  Medical Appointments
  legal Work
  Psychological Support Sessions
  And Much More

Surrogates and Intended Parents are expertly guided through the process by their own personal case managers, who act as a source of knowledge and support throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Family Creations believes that precise communication is imperative for a successful surrogacy match, and we do everything to make sure that is achieved. From matching you with your surrogate, to taking your newborn (or newborns!) home for the first time, we are with you. Contact us today.
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