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Family Creation: A Compassionate approach


Our egg donation successes speak volumes for the program

At Family Creations, we have one simple goal: Fulfill your dreams of starting a family. That is our passion and sole purpose. Here at Family Creations we turn dreams into healthy, happy families.

Family Creations' egg donor program uses the same selection standards that you would probably use when choosing an egg donor. By the time we're finished interviewing and vetting our egg donor candidates, we have learned a great deal about who they are and their background. We leave nothing to chance. That's the way it should be. After all, any one of our 400+ candidates could be your egg donor.

Just a few of our egg donor selection categories include:

  • Geographic location
  • Appearance characteristics
  • Ethnic background
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Health-the largest, most extensive and detailed category


Leaving complications to the professionals

It is true, egg donation and surrogacy can have some hurdles. Yet, our experience and trained staff smoothes them out. We leave you with just one job: Start your family by choosing the very best egg donor or surrogate from among many pre-qualified candidates. Family Creations' staff of warm, experienced professionals takes as much time as necessary to walk you through the entire selection process with sensitivity and care.

With a world of potential egg donors and surrogates to choose from, access is the key to success

Family Creations' reach is truly global. We welcome clients to visit us in person by appointment at our locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. We are also sensitive to schedules that often conflict. Our professionals are available by telephone and by e-mail. Our goal is to make our services accessible regardless of time or location. Of course, there is never any charge for a consultation.


Where your family is concerned, only the very best, most qualified experts will do.
At Family Creations we:

  • Work closely with doctors' offices, fertility institutions and attorneys throughout the country
  • Provide expert referrals for international clients to the best physicians in the United States
  • Maintain close contact with our clients through the entire egg donation process - that is the Family Creations advantage

Family Creations: Our passion and commitment is your family's success